Recent and upcoming presentations and events.

Here's a quick list of the recent and upcoming seminars I am conducting across the nation. I an currently providing in-person seminars and conferences on mindset, motivation, grit and co-teaching. All professional development training sessions are customized based on the needs of the audience. Attendees are offered a number of options and choices throughout the day so every educator experiences professional development they can utilize.

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October 2018

  • October 18th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Seattle, WA
  • October 29th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Omaha, NE
  • October 30th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Kansas City, MO
  • October 31st: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Springfield, MO

November 2018

  • November 1st: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    St. Louis, MO
  • November 2nd: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    New Orleans, LA
  • November 26th -27th: Help Students Develop a Positive Growth Mindset
    Anaheim, CA
  • November 28th-29th: Help Students Develop a Positive Growth Mindset
    Phoenix, AZ

December 2018

  • December 11th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Pasadena, CA
  • December 12th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Ontario, CA
  • December 13th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Anaheim, CA
  • December 14th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Honolulu, HI

January 2019

  • January 14th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Long Island, NY
  • January 15th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    White Plains, NY
  • January 16th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    New Brunswick, NJ
  • January 17th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Cherry Hill, NJ
  • January 18th: Best Practices in Co-Teaching
    Boston, MA

February 2019

  • February 4th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Appleton, WI
  • February 5th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Rockford, IL
  • February 6th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Chicago South, IL
  • February 7th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Champaign, IL
  • February 8th: Motivation, Mindset & Grit
    Chicago North, IL

March 2019

  • March 4th & 5th: Co-Teaching Conference
    Anaheim, CA
  • March 6th & 7th: Co-Teaching Conference
    San Francisco, CA
  • March 18th & 19th: Co-Teaching Conference
    Boston, MA
  • March 20th & 21st: Co-Teaching Conference
    Albany, NY